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Why Investors Prefer Putnam Funding

Putnam Funding is a financial services company dedicated to helping our clients grow their business or individual wealth by providing financial solutions and alternative options to traditional bank lending.


However, we don’t just let any average Joe receive funding. Our extensive vetting process does the due diligence for you, so you can feel comfortable and confident with your investment.


Out of every 20 applicants looking to receive funding, on average, we approve just 1. Of the 19 applicants that did not get approved, 15 of them were denied without making it past the first stage of our approval process.

Why You Should Invest in Real Estate

 Although you can find risk and reward in either venue (Real Estate or Trading) there are some clear advantages for investors who choose to invest in real estate assets. The first is that with real estate, you can use various metrics to determine the value of a property.

By reviewing comparable sales in the area, trends, financing options, and the projected returns.   Investors should be able to have a fairly accurate projection of potential ROI. There is also plenty of research you can do on companies that for which you are purchasing stock.

However, economic downturn or other unexpected circumstances can cause the stock’s value to drop within a matter of minutes. This WILL NOT happen in real estate.

Also with real estate you can take advantage of extremely competitve interest rates that will allow you to enter the market with only a small percentage of captial. Any equities purchased in the market must be paid in all cash.

Expand & Grow Your Investment Portfolio

Real estate investment offers:

Low Entry Cost

Invest in Individual Properties that You Choose 

Including Residential, Commercial,  Debt, and Equity

Want to Invest With Putnam Funding?

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If you are looking to invest with Putnam Funding, give us a call at (561) 221-0070 and speak with one of our investment experts.


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Real estate opportunities across the nation for even more portfolio diversivication